An independent journazine on food, community and inspirations, The Sauce gathers voices from the foodscape in Singapore and the bioregion to document and highlight stories about and around food in relation to our selves, community, society, and the planet.

The inaugural issue focuses on Soil – a matter that is the foundation to growing nourishing food. Soil is not only biophysical; it is also social, and so we explore it – from tidbits on soil science and history, to personal journeys in composting, essays on our relationships with soil, an article on growing method, and interviews with farmers on their regenerative practices; this labour of love took a village in the making to complete, with beautiful illustrations and layout design.

With the disruption of schedule due to the pandemic, the intended date for printing and distribution in September has been postponed to November. But it’s coming!

This 92-page full colour one-of-a-kind journazine is printed on 100% recycled paper.

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Check out this sample preview of The Sauce #1: SOIL, we hope you’ll erm… dig it. 😉

Never heard of a journazine? yup, that’s because the word literally popped up when we were figuring out how to describe what we are co-creating. It’s a combination of a journal and a magazine – with longform writings, interviews, photoessays, personal letters and an artist’s feature, we decided that this eclectic spread deserves to go by a new word.

Why we need pre-orders:

  • This is our first issue and we need your support! Your pre-order will help us gauge how many people will buy the issue, allowing us to print the amount in response to our readers, to minimise wastage.
  • This is also a completely ground-up and independent initiative with no advertising or investors, and printing cost money. So pre-ordering will also support our cash flow for the first payment of printing, which gets the printing process going.