The Inaugural Issue / Soil

Illustrations by Lotte Verstapen

The inaugural issue focuses on Soil – a matter that is the foundation to growing nourishing food. Soil is not only biophysical; it is also social, and so we explore it – from tidbits on soil science and history, to personal journeys in composting, essays on our relationships with soil, an article on growing method, and interviews with farmers on their regenerative practices; this labour of love took a village in the making to complete, with beautiful illustrations and layout design.

This 92-page full colour, one-of-a-kind journal-zine is printed on 100% recycled paper.

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Introducing city-wide soil regeneration / Huiying Ng

Food scrapes composting by local communities / Pui Cuifen


Soil solution to food security and climate change / Tang Hung Bun

Syntropic agroforestry – a farming system to restore degraded soil / Ang Ee Peng


Enter the World of Soil! / Michael Lee

Did you know? Soil science and history / Huiying Ng


Interview with Debbie Han & Edmund Gan

Interview with Ong Chun Yeow

Interview with Derrick Lim

On Permaculture / Thomas Lim

Beyond Borders

A Letter from Thailand / Toh Huiran

Looking into the dragon’s eye (Part I) / Lim Sixian

Chai Prakarn in pictures / Lim Sixian

Looking into the dragon’s eye / Lim Sixian

Soil healing : an inner & outer journey / Vivian Lee


Recipes with longans / Vivian Lee

Myth / Ng Hui Hsien


Depending our lands: Stacking well-tilled soil with food forests for defense agriculture / Huiying Ng, Woon Tien Wei, Tan Hang Chong


Further readings on soil

Call for contribution to issue #2: Seeds